Dreams and Dust by Alex Stone

DREAMS & DUST is a unique book and an important contribution to the evolving new historiography of South Africa. It is an overview of the 58 (mostly) short-lived republics that have existed in South Africa since 1795 – and an equally-fascinating 20 fictional ones (Bapetikosweti, Fook, Wakanda etc).

This comprehensive, meticulously-researched book stretches to 611 pages, and includes 85 seldom-seen historical maps and many extraordinary images. It is a must for any bookshelf for people interested in the uncovered aspects of South Africa’s rich and tumultuous past – while the section of the fictional states and the concluding chapters take on an aspirational, forward-looking view.



Early Reviews:
“It is finely wrought, impressively researched, and solidly written.”
David Robbins, author of After the Dance
“I’ve just finished reading your wonderful work…It was quite an adventurous, and perilous, trek, I must say.”
Dr Steven Roger Fischer FRS, author of The History of Writing, Glyph- breaker, The Island at the End of the World, etc

Title: Dreams & Dust Price: R400 plus postage
Book size: (240mm x 180mm) Pages: 611 Pages black and white and full colour
ISBN: 978-1-7764682-0-1