1820 Settlers

If you are an English-speaking South African, chances are that way back in your ancestry was an 1820 Settler. This book marks the 200th anniversary of the arrival of this intrepid group and pays tribute to the part they played in building the South African nation.




1820 Settlers

Search over 500 pages of text and photographs for your family history!

“In their stark ignorance they made the most pitiful blunders. But inevitably they learnt the hard way, by blood and sweat and tears. Nothing could daunt their indomitable spirit, and by grim determination, steadfast courage and high endeavour, they triumphed over every obstacle.

In the highest councils of the land, in the business and cultural development of the towns and cities, and in the pastoral and agricultural expansion of the country, the have left a name which shall never perish.”

John Wilmot, Editor

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Title: 1820 Settlers and other early British Settlers to the Cape Colony
Book size: 228mm x 152mm Over 500 pages text and photographs
ISBN: 978-0-6399326-6-8
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