Footprint Press Publishing Policy

Footprint Press, founded in 2012 by David Hilton-Barber, is an independent publishing house specialising in South African non-fiction historical works.

We are committed, as far as possible, to sell books direct to customers via our website, newsletter, social media and direct marketing to special interest groups.

We appeal to buyers to pay pre-publication and we print only sufficient copies to meet this demand. Post publication, we fulfil further orders using print-on-demand technology.

Our authors play an integral part of our marketing campaigns and are encouraged to promote their books on their websites and on social media. We welcome first-time authors who share our views and have the required determination and grit to get their books into the hands of readers. We appreciated the role of booksellers and we have our own marketing and distribution agency for liaising with the book trade. It is clearly to our advantage to have our titles in the major chains. But the heavy discounts demanded and their stock-or-return policy means that the margins are extremely thin. Accordingly, we have as few dealing with bookshops as possible. 

We are committed to posting all our titles on Amazon and Kindle, and to offering e-book versions of our titles for purchase on our website.

Footprint Press is a full member of the Publishing Association of South Africa.