A Vet, Two Babies and a Colt called Makulu

“Nicholas Ellenbogen has given us a marvellous account of a colourful life in a varnished Africa. Beautifully written and vivid in its detail, the book is a complete delight.”

Alexander McCall Smith
International Best-Selling Author




A Vet, Two Babies and a Colt called Makulu

Title A Vet, Two Babies and a colt called Makulu

Author Nicholas Ellenbogen

The first book in the series traced the mingled destinies of men and horses that escaped from Poland during the Second World War and eked out an existence in 1940s Southern Rhodesia.

  • Print Specifications
    • Book Size – 15,24 X 22,86 cm
    • No of pages – 197
    • Interior print – black & white
    • Paper stock – 80gsm White
    • Cover finish – Matt lamination


ISBN: 978-0-7961-4186-6