After the Storm and Before the Rainbow

ISBN 978-0-639-8050-7-8

This illustrated autobiography is probably the first book of its kind to hit the shelves in South Africa.



After the Storm and Before the Rainbow

As a journalist, Kin Bentley worked almost exclusively in the Eastern Cape, the heartland of the ANC and first meeting place in the late 18th century of European settlers and the amaXhosa. During his years as a reporter he was not only an astute observer and recorder of events, he also used his four years of fine art training to sketch many of the people and places he encountered. About 150 of those original artworks illustrate this book.

Kin survived a spell of reluctant army duty, worked for the Progressive Federal Party and then reported for Port Elizabeth newspapers on the 1980s township struggle. He studied fine art for four years in the 1970s and throughout his career sketched people and places he encountered. Set largely in East London and Port Elizabeth, this book is lavishly illustrated with over 150 drawings done down the decades.