No Mask No Entry

Jann Bader is the author of five previous works and a keen observer of human nature. He lives and works in the Klein Karoo, far from the
bustle of big city life and enough space and time to sit quietly and contemplate life in general, Covid in particular.
All views expressed in this book are not necessarily those of the Publisher



NO MASK NO ENTRY is for all those who have been following the whole Covid saga with a jaundiced eye – from the mask wearing, the digging of graves, the arrest of surfers and the ban on cigarettes, from the daily case count to the building of the specialist Covid hospitals and of course the arrival of the Cuban doctors to save us. This book lists all the questions we knew we should have asked but didn’t dare.

If you were sceptical about Covid and all its manifestations, you will love this book, and do a lot of nodding in agreement.

Book size: 228mm x 152mm Pages: 144 Pages Black and white
ISBN: 978-1-776403-93-6
Price: R150 plus postage