The Accidental Entrepreneur

John Garlick: His Life and Legacy

Merchant Politician Philanthropist and Family Man

Sherry Garlick Stanton

A must buy book for anyone interested in SA History.
This 470 page book is crammed from cover to cover with fascinating stories and images of an epic stage of growth in the South African retail history.
Book size: 228mm x 152mm
Pages: 460 Pages black and white with colour plate section
IBSN: 978-1-928539-80-3



John  Garlick  was  one  of  the  principal people in Cape Town from 1872 until 1931, and this biography by one of his descendants lovingly tells his story. An enormous amount of research over twenty years has gone into the work, and it never flags. The content has been carefully pared and crafted to create a sparkling book. It is packed with interesting facts,  anecdotes  and  tales  from  cover to cover. The focus is the fascinating life of this department store owner, city councillor, politician,  benefactor,  philanthropist  and family man.

The author also tells succinctly what his successors did  with  the  business and  his legacy; and those who wonder what happened to the famous department store group will find the answer. This is a book that will be enjoyed by anyone interested in the history of the city of Cape Town and South Africa, the civilised department stores of old, and top-notch biographies.

John Marwood, author of the History of Stuttafords