THE LANGUAGE OF PAIN Fast forward your recovery to stop hurting

Are you looking for a way to reduce chronic pain that isn’t heavily focused on drugs or expensive pain management programs?

If you have chronic noncancer pain and are concerned about the potential drawbacks of those approaches, including addiction, unpleasant side effects, or lack of longterm success, this book is for you.



It’s time to learn a new approach that reduces your pain both now and over the long term. My approach facilitates recovery by targeting the specific generators of chronic pain (mostly behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes) that trigger certain centers in the brain to believe that you are under constant threat, setting off the “alarm signal” in the form of ongoing pain


Trevor Campbell is a family physician who studied medicine at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, before emigrating to Canada, where he became interested in treatments for chronic pain. He has worked in multidisciplinary pain management and opioid-reduction programs and has served as medical director for a leading pain management provider in western Canada. When not involved with medical matters, he enjoys literature and is an avid hiker, cyclist, and traveler.

THE LANGUAGE OF PAIN Fast forward your recovery to stop hurting
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