Three Souls for my Heart, my Polygamy

Three Souls for a Heart, My Polygamy, is an exciting and engaging story of three women and one man, different in their culture and education, but all with a common denominator: they want to understand, they want to love. And something that adds even more importance to the extraordinary literary and sociological value of this wonderful book: the real characters behind its pages have the courage to let us discover their experiences and thoughts so that we all learn to look deeply into tolerance in the back of our souls: that which all human beings have who share the incredible adventure of living.






The Author

Guillermina Mekuy, born in Equatorial Guinea, moved with her parents to Spain’s capital city, Madrid, when she was six years old. She graduated in Law and Political Science from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She began her career as a writer being only seventeen years old, publishing her first novel: The Crying of the Bitch in 2005. In 2008 she published her second novel: The Three Virgins of Saint Tomas and in 2011, the first edition of this, her third novel, was published in Spain. She is currently writing her fourth book, Maternity and Science, A Decision of Love.

Title: Three Souls for a Heart – My Polygamy
Book size: 228mm x 152mm
ISBN: 978-1-7764058-0-0