Win in Washington

Book Excerpt:

Fri. 28. July, ‘67
This has been riot fortnight. It was reported that on one night there were race riots in 19 cities across the U.S. A Vietnam veteran returned recently said, “But the war is here!” In Detroit 50 blocks were destroyed by fire. And Detroit is a city where most constructive effort has been made to help the negro. The car manufacturers encourage negro workers;




Win Hooper was an artist—a very good artist. But to narrowly confine her art to the products of paint brushes is to do her an injustice. Her artistry extended to the pictures she painted with her words. Even if you were not fortunate enough to know Win and her husband, John, or even to have any first-hand knowledge of the events of the 1960’s and 1970’s involving Rhodesia and U.S. foreign policy, you quickly will come to know … and understand the history of that period through her elegant, witty, picturesque, perceptive, self-effacing, sometimes a bit naughty, and always informative and engaging letters to her family.

Title: Win in Washington
ISBN: 978-1-7764005-6-0
Book size: 250mm x 170mm
Pages: 400 Pages black and white

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